L’Oreal Revitalift Intensive Moisturizer | Influenster Review

A few weeks back, Influenster unexpectedly sent me a package for review. I’m always excited to receive new products to test, and when I saw what was inside, I was even more excited. The box contained the L’Oreal Revitalift Intensive Moisturizer, and being a skin care enthusiast, I couldn’t wait to give it a try!

This product was provided free for review purposes by Influenster.

L'Oreal Revitalift Influenster Review- Info


If you haven’t heard of Influenster, they are a site that provides products to bloggers/social media influencers in exchange for reviews. You take surveys about your product preferences and occasionally will qualify for a box of products based on your social media impact scores and past Influenster performance. It’s a great opportunity to receive products to try!

L'Oreal Revitalift Influenster Review- Packaging

L’Oreal Revitalift

The L’Oreal Revitalift promises to deeply hydrate the skin, smooth skin texture and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. They also invite the user to take the #RevitaliftChallenge by using the product twice a day for 14 days to see the difference. I began using the product immediately upon getting my package to see what kind of effect it would have on my skin.

The packaging feels very substantial and luxurious. Every time I pick it up, I feel like I’m using a high end moisturizer! The product inside is quite thick, but absorbs into the skin quickly enough to use it under makeup if you choose. I found that I prefer using it mostly at night due to how thick the product is. The moisturizer has a slight scent, but I find it quite pleasant. The scent doesn’t last on the skin after application.

L'Oreal Revitalift Influenster Review- Product

My Results

It was lucky timing to receive this product when I did. I had just recently had a reaction to a different product that left my skin very textured. It only took a few days of use for that texture to disappear completely! That alone was enough to impress me. My skin has been overall much smoother, softer and clearer than before. The results and product remind me of a Sephora Collection night cream I used to use and love, and this one is much more affordable.

So, did it live up to its claims?

Hydration: Yes
Reduction in skin texture: Absolutely (so impressed with this!)
Reduction in wrinkles: Somewhat (not as noticeable)

L'Oreal Revitalift Influenster Review- Product Open

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an affordable, high quality moisturizer that really does show results, I would highly recommend the L’Oreal Revitalift.

What is your favorite nighttime moisturizer?

Thinking Out Loud

Happy Thursday! I hope everyone’s week is going well. Today let’s take a look at some randomness from the week by linking up with Amanda from Running with Spoons for Thinking Out Loud.

Thinking Out Loud banner

Thinking Out Loud about Life

1. Before we get going, if you haven’t checked out my latest giveaway on the blog yet, check it out here! I’m giving away an exclusive Play! by Sephora Iconic Edition box. It’s filled with luxury beauty brands!

2. While our vacations for the rest of 2017 are already booked, D and I have been discussing where we might want to go for our next international trip next year. We’ve been to Tokyo together twice (once when we got engaged and once for our honeymoon), and we’re thinking of going somewhere in Europe next.

3. Coincidentally, one of D’s friends is going to be spending a year in Spain coming up and has invited us to come out to visit her. This led us down the path of thinking about a European trip and maybe incorporating Italy and Portugal while we’re there as well. We almost chose Italy as our honeymoon destination, but decided on Tokyo instead. We both still want to visit the country so this might be our chance!

Thinking Out Loud about Japan

4. Of course, we both still want to go back to Japan sometime in the next few years. Japan has been such an important part of our lives up to now, and it’s an amazing, ever-changing country. Our next trip there will likely include a visit to Mt. Fuji, Osaka and Kyoto.

5. D is much more experienced with the Japanese language than I am, but we both want to buckle down and study a lot more before our next trip. There are a lot of English speakers in Tokyo, and we do our best to use the vocabulary we know, but we still do struggle to communicate. Luckily we have all sorts of books, audio CDs and language software we can take advantage of. Learning Japanese has been on our wish list for quite a long time now!

6. Speaking of Japan, I’ve been loving watching the vlogs from Beauty News lately! They recently took a trip to Japan and they vlogged the whole thing. Maybe that’s why I’ve been thinking so much about a return trip lately!


Thinking Out Loud about Blogging

7. As I mentioned recently, I’ve recently started porting over my old blog posts from lisathevegetarian.com. I’m going to fix up the many posts I wrote about my previous Tokyo trips and Disney World and get them republished here. Stay tuned for those!

8. Don’t forget to catch up on this week’s One Week One Palette installment, and make sure you enter that giveaway if you want to try out some luxury beauty!

Have you ever been to Spain or Italy?

What’s your favorite international travel destination?

One Week One Palette | Weeks 25 & 26

Welcome back to another installment of my One Week One Palette series! I’ve been keeping up with this series since the beginning of the year, and it’s been a lot of fun to rotate through all my palettes and give mini reviews on them. This time we’ll be taking a look at two of the palettes I purchased recently. One is a limited edition palette that was just recently released, and the other is a classic that somehow I’ve never tried before!

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Highlighting Eyeshadow Palette Volume III

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea highlighting eyeshadow palette vol. III - Outside

I purchased this palette at the same time as the Dream Big palette, another limited edition item from Tarte. When I took a look at the pictures online, I loved how light and bright the colors appeared. This palette is also advertised as being an eyeshadow and highlighting palette in one. I haven’t tried these as highlighters, and I honestly think they might be just a bit too shimmery to use on the cheeks. However, I did give this a good test when it came to the eyes.

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea highlighting eyeshadow palette vol. III - Colors

Much like a lot of the Tarte palettes that have come out lately, there isn’t much matte representation here. All the shades are shimmers except for one which is called “tiki”. After using this matte shade during the course of the week, I was disappointed to see that there was some hard pan developing on top of the shadow. I could barely get any product to come up on a brush and had to scrape off a layer in order to keep using it. Considering I had only just started using the palette, this was a bit confusing.

The shimmers, however did not disappoint at all. If you’re like me and enjoy very light-colored, sparkly shimmer shades, you will enjoy this palette. It was a lot of fun to play with and I enjoyed the looks that I came up with.

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Urban Decay Naked Palette

When I received a gift card to Sephora from my husband for our anniversary, I knew I was going to order the Naked palette. I almost purchased this during last fall’s VIB sale, but opted instead for the Modern Renaissance palette, a decision I didn’t regret. However, I knew the Naked palette was one of the most talked about classic palettes out there. I had been wanting to give it a try for myself for some time.

Urban Decay Naked Palette - Colors

After a solid week of using it as my One Week One Palette selection, I now understand why this is a staple for so many. The matte browns are the perfect shades for crease and transition work, and there are plenty of shimmer options to play with. I was slightly disappointed with the shade “Sin” because I was expecting it to be much brighter. It took a lot of work to get it to look like much of anything on the lids. The other shimmers were much better, and the darker mattes were perfect to deepen up the looks I was creating.

It really is an all-in-one palette that gives you everything you’ll need.

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Do you prefer mattes or shimmers when it comes to eyeshadow palettes?