Thinking Out Loud | Giveaway, Needing Motivation, and Blogging

Happy Thursday! As usual on Thursdays, I’m linking up with Running With Spoons for the weekly Thinking Out Loud linkup to discuss the randomness from the week. Let’s jump in!

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Thinking Out Loud about Life

1. Firstly, I’m running a giveaway for a Crown Pro brush trio – check it out to enter here!

2. I woke up too early today, as I often do, and ended up watching a ton of Plan with Me videos on YouTube. I always love discovering new channels, especially ones that are planner related. It really gets me inspired to pick up my own planner and get more organized.

3. It’s been rather difficult to get back into the swing of things after getting back from vacation. Being sick for a while afterward didn’t help things either. I need to get my motivation back!

4. I mentioned last week that the weather had taken a really good turn, and this week was even better. We actually had two days in the 70s, and it was so nice to go outside for walks at work. We have had a few days of snow mixed in and some are still coming, but nothing too crazy. I don’t care if it gets cold again, as long as we don’t have any massive storms.

5. Speaking of motivation, or lack thereof, I really need to start getting back into some kind of a workout routine. I did get to use our treadmill one day this week, plus the extra walking outside has been getting me moving. Maybe next week I’ll be able to pick things up and get into a good routine. I want to get back to using some of my workout DVDs as well as consistently using the treadmill. I haven’t done any workout DVDs for a good long while now. I just haven’t been making working out a priority for some reason.

Thinking Out Loud about Blogging

6. This week on the blog, I discussed my meal highlights from Disney World 2018. We were able to visit some amazing restaurants and eat a lot of delicious food. Read about it here!

7. I also recently reviewed the February BoxyCharm. There were a lot of mixed reviews floating around out there, but I personally loved my box. P.S. the brush giveaway is in this post!

8. Coming soon: this weekend I’ll be discussing the latest Play! by Sephora box and next week is my first update on my second Pan That Palette project! I think my feelings on this palette are starting to shift – stop by next week to find out my thoughts.

How’s the weather where you are?

Do you have any tips for jump starting motivation?

Disney World Meal Highlights | 2018

We’ve been home from Disney now for about a week and a half, and I think it goes without saying that I already miss it. While we were away, we were able to have some amazing meals at the parks and Disney Springs, and I thought it would be fun to share some highlights. We tried a lot of new things this time and had some fantastic food.

Let’s discuss my meal highlights from Disney World 2018!

Maria and Enzo’s

Since the last time D and I visited Disney World, Downtown Disney was transformed into Disney Springs. With it came a number of new restaurants that we were dying to try. First up: Maria and Enzo’s, an Italian restaurant themed to look and feel like an airline terminal. The inside of the building looks and feels extremely spacious and is decorated with a fine attention to detail. The wait staff is even outfitted in steward/stewardess outfits!

The staff was very accommodating to everyone’s specific food requests, including my vegetarianism and my husband’s request for a less spicy version of a specific dish. I ended up getting the rigatoni with marinara sauce which was delicious.

Disney World Meal Highlights 2018 - Maria and Enzo's pasta

Morimoto Asia

When we had heard Morimoto Asia was opening up at Disney Springs, D and I couldn’t wait to go. We’ve both loved Iron Chef and Morimoto for years, and with both of us being fans of Japanese food, this sounded intriguing. This is another place where the ambiance was off the charts.

Disney World Meal Highlights 2018 - Morimoto Asia

D was extremely excited to try the duck ramen, which he enjoyed, though he did note that the cilantro in the dish was overpowering.

Disney World Meal Highlights 2018 - Morimoto Asia Duck Ramen

There weren’t too many vegetarian options on the menu for me, though our waiter did say it was possible to adapt most of the dishes to remove the meat if I wanted. I ended up with wok sauteed vegetables with a large side salad. They were good, but the highlight for me was my “Morimotini” – a mixture of vodka and sake. Yum!

Disney World Meal Highlights 2018 - Morimoto Asia Morimotini

Dining in the Parks

Of course, whenever we go to Disney we end up eating at several restaurants inside the parks themselves. We returned to several of our favorites this year, which I cover in more depth in last year’s post.

We always return to these restaurants because they consistently deliver on flavor and options. Tony’s Town Square at Magic Kingdom is our favorite dinner option at that park. Mama Melrose at Hollywood Studios offers a three course Fantasmic package that comes with priority seating for the fireworks show that night. And of course, Tokyo Dining is a staple we can’t miss at Epcot. I’m sure we will continue to return to these restaurants time and again.

Miscellaneaous Treats

One last highlight from Disney Springs this year was our first (and later second) visit to Sprinkles. The cupcakes were so delicious, we had to go back on our last night of the trip for one more round. Now I know why this place is so hyped up!

Disney World Meal Highlights 2018 - Disney Springs Sprinkles

Also, with the Festival of the Arts ongoing at Epcot, there were plenty of treats to be had at the booths of different countries. D got the Artist’s Palette Cookie that came complete with “paint” in the form of different colors of frosting, and complimentary paintbrushes. So cute and fun!

Disney World Meal Highlights 2018 - Festival of the Arts Artist's Palette Cookie

In conclusion, it was a great trip with a lot of delicious food. Stay tuned for more posts about our trip over the coming weeks.

Have you ever been to Disney World?

What’s your favorite kind of food to eat on vacation?