BoxyCharm Review | Spellbound | October 2017

BoxyCharm October 2017 Review | Spellbound

Happy Saturday! I hope everyone’s weekend is off to a great start. Today we’re taking a look at the October BoxyCharm, featuring some very exciting brands and products.

October 2017 BoxyCharm Review | Spellbound - Info

The theme of this month’s box is Spellbound – perfect for the month of October.

October 2017 BoxyCharm Review | Spellbound - Contents

Let’s take a look at what’s inside!

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October 2017 BoxyCharm Review | Spellbound - Becca and Lip Liner

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter in Prosecco Pop

This Shimmering Skin Perfector from Becca is one of the most exciting items in the box! It is a full sized version of the color Prosecco Pop, which was originally a collab with beauty guru Jaclyn Hill. I was a little worried that this would be too dark on my skin, but I used a light hand and it worked out great. This is absolutely the kind of highlighter that sparkles and glows with little effort. If you’re looking for that high shine highlighted look, especially if you have a darker skin tone, this is perfect.

Jonteblu Lip Liner Pencil

This lip pencil is a nice brown shade, but I decided I would put this aside rather than give it a try myself. I’m very picky about lip products and like things on the lighter side. Regardless, a neutral lip pencil like this is a nice staple to have in your collection.

October 2017 BoxyCharm Review | Spellbound - Dr. Brandt and Tarte

Dr. Brandt PoreDermabrasion

I was even more excited for this PoreDermabrasion than I was for the Becca highlighter! We received the MicroDermabrasion from Dr. Brand a few months ago in another BoxyCharm and it was instantly a favorite for me. This one is extremely similar and provides a thorough, deep exfoliation. I’m quite excited to have another full size container of a product like this that I know I will use up.

Tarte Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint

Similar to the lip pencil above, I decided not to play around with this lip color and save it for a giveaway. The color looks a little too dark for me, and I haven’t loved this matte lip formula in the past. Still, it’s great to see another well known brand like Tarte represented in the box.

October 2017 BoxyCharm Review | Spellbound - Nailed It

ncLA “Nailed It” Tool Kit

Of all the things in this box, I think this may be my least favorite. It’s a nail kit with a file, scissors, clippers and various other mini tools you might need for a manicure. However, I have so many little tools like this in my house, and this honestly feels a little on the cheap side.

October 2017 BoxyCharm Review | Spellbound - Nailed It Contents

However, if you don’t already have this type of a tool kit in your collection already, I can see this being nice for travel. It’s compact and has a little of everything.

Overall, there were some misses in this box – but the Becca highlighter and the Dr. Brandt PoreDermabrasion were such huge hits that I can overlook the rest. Also, the two lip products I mentioned are going to be in a giveaway NEXT WEEK – so check back for that!

What’s your favorite type of lip product?

Thinking Out Loud | Rock & Shock Horror Convention, And an Upcoming Giveaway!

Thinking Out Loud - Rock and Shock Convention

Happy Thursday! How’s everyone doing this week? It seems like fall has really moved in, and we’ve had to put on the heat in the house for the first time. How’s the weather where you are?

As usual on Thursday, it’s time again to check in with the Thinking Out Loud link up to discuss some Thursday Thoughts!

Thinking Out Loud banner

Thinking Out Loud about Life

1. This past Saturday, D and I attended the annual Rock and Shock Festival in Worcester, Massachusetts. In case you’ve never heard of it, it’s a horror convention and metal concert combination. We try to go nearly every year because we’re both such big horror fans and because D is a metal fan.

2. At the convention, we got to meet some very interesting horror movie stars from some of our favorite movies. There was a very large representation from the Friday the 13th series, and we got to meet Kane Hodder who has played Jason in multiple movies. He’s often at this convention, and D has actually met him once before. Despite his character’s reputation, he’s an extremely nice guy.

3. We also met Amy Steel from the second Friday the 13th movie who plays Ginny, one of the main characters. We knew she was going to be in attendance, so we prepared by watching the movie the night before. She was also super nice and told us about what it was like to meet Betsey Palmer and film the scene at the end of the movie.

Thinking Out Loud - Rock and Shock Convention | Amy Steel

4. There was also a horror movie marathon going on in one of the convention rooms. The movies they show at this event are always independent films, so it’s a chance to discover something new. We were excited to see a movie called #FromJennifer, but at the last minute they announced it had been canceled due to technical difficulties. We were bummed, but mentally made a note to look up the movie later since it did sound intriguing.

Thinking Out Loud - Rock and Shock Convention | Film Festival

5. And of course to conclude the night, we headed to the concert venue for the metal portion of the evening. Where we were standing, we had a great (but completely safe) view of the mosh pit which went absolutely nuts all night. If you’ve never been to a metal show before, trust me when I say that the mosh pit is no joke. Aside from that, D got to enjoy some of the bands he had on his wishlist to see. We ended the day exhausted but happy with our adventures.

Thinking Out Loud about Blogging

6. This week on the blog, I reviewed the bareMinerals Invisible Light palette and the Tarte Clay Play palette in One Week One Palette.

7. I also gave a rundown on my favorite vegetarian meals from our recent Disney Trip.

8. Over the next two weeks, I have three beauty subscription boxes to review for you, including one from Japan! Also, stay tuned for an upcoming makeup GIVEAWAY – especially if you love lip products.

What was the last concert you went to?

Has the weather gotten cold where you are?