BoxyCharm Review | July 2017

Remember a few months back when I was so disillusioned with BoxyCharm that I thought about unsubscribing? Well, to say they’ve turned things around is an understatement. This month’s box includes brands I never thought I’d see in a BoxyCharm, and there are some spoilers out about August that are even more exciting.

I’m quite happy with the new direction BoxyCharm is taking!

BoxyCharm July 2017 - Contents

As always, an info card is included detailing all the products and their retail prices.

BoxyCharm July 2017 - Info Card

Let’s take a closer look.

BoxyCharm July 2017 - Blinc Palette

Blinc Electric Eyes Palette

This eyeshadow palette is incredibly impressive. It contains 5 jewel tone shimmer shades, and the pigmentation is on another level. The quality and shine on these shadows outdoes any recent palette I’ve used (check out my One Week One Palette series to find out more about my recent palettes), and we’re talking some high end palettes there.

BoxyCharm July 2017 - Blinc Palette Colors

It doesn’t require any effort whatsoever to build up these colors. They’re bright and opaque with one swipe of the brush. Needless to say, we’ve kicked off this box with a giant hit, and I can’t wait to play with these colors more.

BoxyCharm July 2017 - ColourPop and WinkyLux

ColourPop Ultra-Matte Lip in Beeper

First of all, how amazing is it to see a recognizable, quality brand like ColourPop in a BoxyCharm? One of my main complaints in May was that BoxyCharm kept repeating the same no-name brands over and over again. It seems they’ve since listened to their customers and changed things up!

While I am happy to see ColourPop, I wasn’t too happy with the color or consistency of the lip product. I probably would have liked one of the ultra satins better, and the color is a bit too dark for me. However, I am happy to finally try something from this brand.

WinkyLux Uni-Brow Universal Eyebrow Pencil

This brow pencil wasn’t a huge hit for me. It’s got a triangular shaped tip which ended up being too large to get a precise application. The pencil was a little on the dry side as well. I didn’t love how my brows came out after using this product a few times. There is a nice spooly on the other end though, which is a plus.

BoxyCharm July 2017 - BareMinerals and Setting Spray

bareMinerals Invisible Light Translucent Powder Duo

BareMinerals is another brand I never thought I’d see in a BoxyCharm, and one that made me even more excited than the others! I’ve been a huge fan of bareMinerals for many years, and I know first hand that their products are good. This powder duo is reminiscent of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders as they’re meant to be finishing powders for your face. I used the matte powder as a setting powder and targeted the glowy side on my highlight points. Both left a nice finish on my face, and since I had nothing like this in my collection, I’m happy to have this in rotation.

Project Beauty Spray. Set. Go Makeup Setting Spray

Lastly, we have a setting spray from Project Beauty. This spray did do a great job of keeping my makeup in place, especially during the exceptionally hot weather we’ve been having this week. Be careful with the spray though as it is quite aggressive. I would recommend holding the bottle far from your face when using.

Overall, this month was amazing for BoxyCharm and makes me excited to see where the company is going. The inclusion of ColourPop and bareMinerals shows me that BoxyCharm knows that their customers want more recognizable brands, and it seems like they’re going to deliver on that for the rest of the year!

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What did you think of this month’s BoxyCharm?

Thinking Out Loud | Throwback Music, Heat Wave and Getting a Tan

Welcome back to Thinking Out Loud Thursday courtesy of Amanda from Running with Spoons! It’s time again to share some random thoughts from the past week. Check out the link up if you haven’t already – it’s a lot of fun to see what everyone posts.

Also, before we get started, make sure to check out my luxury beauty giveaway here!

Thinking Out Loud banner

Thinking Out Loud about Life

1. We’re in the middle of a crazy heat wave this week. It’s been in the 90s for days with oppressive humidity, and we’re expecting this weather to stay put at least until the weekend. I do love summer, but I do prefer a little bit more mild versions of summer than this. Thank goodness for air conditioning!

2. One thing I do love about summer and crazy heat waves is the thunderstorms that follow. I’ve been a lover of storms since I was young. Nowadays when there’s a storm, I open up all the shades so I can watch the downpours and lightning.

3. Yesterday right before I went home from work, I decided to head outside for a quick walk. I knew what I was in for with the weather, but was starting to get cabin fever from being in the office all day. I was outside for only about 10 minutes, but when I got back, somehow I ended up with a tan! I’m one of those really pale girls who never ever tans, so this was a little surprising. I’ll take it though.

4. This week while at work, I’ve been listening to some really old throwback playlists on Spotify. I decided to see what was out there to listen to from my high school years, in particular the year I graduated (2001). It’s been so much fun and I’ve even found some songs that I had completely forgotten existed.

5. When I was in high school I was completely obsessed with pop music, and boy bands in particular. *NSYNC was my main obsession, and I must have seen them in concert at least 7 or 8 times. I still remember almost all of the choreography to their songs.

6. I was also addicted to watching TRL after school everyday. Remember TRL? It was one of my favorite things ever back then. I wish there were still music shows like that around these days.


Thinking Out Loud about Blogging

7. Did you catch my posts this past week on my new Sew Much Crafting Planner Inserts and my review of the L’Oreal Revitalift Moisturizer?

8. In the next week, look out for a BoxyCharm review (it’s a good one!), a Sephora Play! review and also an installment of One Week One Palette with a twist.

9. Don’t forget to enter my giveaway before you go!

What kind of music did you listen to in high school?

Sew Much Crafting Inserts | Planner Review

As a planner enthusiast, I recently decided to expand my planning style to include inserts. Being in the planner community for as long as I have, I immediately knew which shop to check out first: Sew Much Crafting! Sew Much Crafting is a shop on Etsy which sells primarily planner inserts. I loved browsing through all her listings and found the shopping experience to be quite pleasant. She was very prompt with shipping and everything came packaged nicely.

Let’s take a look at what I got!

My Filofax

I also recently purchased a Filofax Original A5 in Purple Patent specifically for this purpose.

Sew Much Crafting Inserts Review - Filofax Original in Purple

I absolutely love this! It’s my first Filofax purchase and it’s just beautiful.

The Inserts

Sew Much Crafting Inserts Review - Hourly and Grid

My main reason for looking for planner inserts was to try out an hourly layout. I also wanted the inserts to be undated because I only want to use an hourly layout on specific days. There’s enough room to write multiple items per line here, and the times span a nearly 16 hour range! The graph paper that is opposite these pages is great for notes and doodles.

Sew Much Crafting Inserts Review - Meals and Hourly To Do

I also picked up a second variety of an hourly insert from Sew Much Crafting to try out. I’m not sure if the hourly/to do list combo will work better than the hourly above, so I figured I would get both and experiment. Separately, I also ordered these food tracking inserts which again are undated as I don’t want to track my food everyday. But any time I feel like I want to start tracking again, I can just pick up one of these pages.

I love the design on these and that you have enough room to write down as much as you want about each meal.

Sew Much Crafting Inserts Review - Monthly and Habits

Two more varieties I picked up are the monthly summary page and the habit tracking page. Both of these pages are very smartly designed and can hold so much important information. I already do a monthly goal setting routine in my Erin Condren, but this monthly page will allow me to also track important events and have everything in one location. As for the habit tracker page, I LOVE the idea of having all this room to track my habits on a weekly basis. It will allow me to get much more detailed than the 4-5 habits I track using stickers in my EC.

Sew Much Crafting Inserts Review - Books and To Dos

The final two inserts I picked up were the “Books to Read” tracker and the running to do list page. Keeping a book “wish list” in my planner sounds fun, and we all know that I love to do lists. I’m so excited to use everything I purchased!

Overall Thoughts

I absolutely love the inserts I purchased from Sew Much Crafting (side note: I did purchase these myself, and she has no idea who I am!). The layout of the pages is smart, sleek and keeps things simple. Also, the paper quality is exceptional. The pages are thick, smooth, bright and no pen has bled through thus far. That combined with the fast shipping and great customer service means I give this shop a big thumbs up!

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Tell me about your planning style!