BoxyCharm Review: Sweater Weather | November 2017

I hope everyone’s week is off to a great start! I’m here today to share with you the November BoxyCharm and my first impressions on the products. The theme this month is “Sweater Weather” making it perfect for the cold, gloomy month of November.

BoxyCharm November 2017: Sweater Weather - Contents

Here’s what I got in this month’s box!

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BoxyCharm November 2017: Sweater Weather - Cover FX and Cloud Lips

Cover FX Illuminating Setting Spray

I was a little nervous to use this setting spray at first since I tend to stay away from things that make my face look oily. However, I was pleasantly surprised with this one. I feel like it woke up my face and gave me more life. One word of caution: there is actual glitter in this setting spray, and you need to shake this WELL before applying. I actually wasn’t aware of this at first, but luckily I have a habit of shaking all my setting sprays before using them. I have heard that if you neglect to shake, you will end up covered in glitter.

Laqa & Co Cloud Lips

This is not my favorite. The color is extremely dark and the formula extremely matte. Not to mention it applies in a patchy manner. If you spend enough time building it up and cleaning up the edges it would be a pretty, dark and vampy look, but I don’t think this is for me. As I’ve mentioned many times, I prefer lighter, more wearable colors and formulas.

BoxyCharm November 2017: Sweater Weather - Lip Masks and Luxie Travel Brushes

KNC Beauty Collagen Lip Masks

I was enthusiastic to give these lip masks a try because my lips have been suffering with the recent change in weather. First off, there is a lot of liquid inside this package which will drip everywhere – I suggest opening it over a sink. The mask itself is rather huge and very slippery which made it hard to keep on my lips for the required amount of time. I do feel like my lips were noticeably smoother to the touch after removing the mask. However, they also felt like they immediately needed some lip balm. I don’t feel like these are the best lip masks out there, but I will use up the rest this season.

Luxie Beauty Quad Eye Travel Set

I think this travel brush set is an excellent idea. These brushes are the same quality as the full size Luxie brushes, but they’re half the size. I have several Luxie brushes in my collection and use them on a daily basis. The variety of brushes here is well thought out as well. They applied shadow smoothly and without any problems. I would be happy to take this set on my next trip.

BoxyCharm November 2017: Sweater Weather - WinkyLux Kitten Palette

WinkyLux Kitten Palette

I just love when BoxyCharm includes palettes, especially when they’re as nice as this one! The star of this palette for me is in the second row on the left. It may be hard to see in a still picture, but this is actually a duochrome shadow that shifts from pink to green. It’s incredibly unique and looks gorgeous when applied all over the lid.

BoxyCharm November 2017: Sweater Weather - WinkyLux Kitten Palette Colors

As for the rest of the colors, the mattes blend smoothly, and there’s a nice selection of transition shades and darker shades to smoke out a look. I’m very impressed with the quality of this palette, and even if you missed out on getting this in BoxyCharm, the palette itself only costs $25. Very reasonable! Look out for a more in depth review in an upcoming One Week One Palette.

What did you think of this month’s BoxyCharm?

BoxyCharm November 2017 - Sweater Weather

One Week One Palette | Weeks 43 & 44 featuring Urban Decay Heavy Metals

Welcome back to another installment of One Week One Palette. This is a series where I focus on one palette per week and tell you my thoughts. I’ve gone a little palette crazy lately, so both of the palettes featured today are brand new purchases. ‘Tis the season for eyeshadow palettes?

Here are my thoughts on weeks 43 and 44 of the project:

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Week 43: Too Faced Peanut Butter & Jelly Palette

One Week One Palette - Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly

This palette is an oldie, but I only recently picked it up for myself. I happened to be placing an Ulta order (for the second palette in this post and some other things), when I saw this in the sale section. It was only $20! I had heard a lot of good reviews about this in the past, so I decided to go for it.

One Week One Palette - Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly Colors

Of course, this palette does have a fun peanut butter scent to it. It’s not overwhelming and once you apply it, the smell isn’t noticeable. One criticism I have for this palette is that there isn’t a great variety of shades, and I would like a few more light shimmery shades in here. While there are the three “highlight” shades on the left, they are not as vibrant as I would want for the lid. The mattes are extremely pigmented and beautiful. It would be very easy to create a dramatic smoky eye with the dark shades that are available here.

When I’m dedicating a full week to a palette, the majority of the time I’m creating looks for work. I found that this palette didn’t have quite enough wearable shades for my everyday routine. For special occasions, however, I can see this being an excellent choice.

Week 44: Urban Decay Heavy Metals

One Week One Palette - Urban Decay Heavy Metals

The first time I saw a picture of the Heavy Metals palette, I knew I wanted it. Metallic shimmers are my thing, and this one has them in abundance. In fact, every single shade in this palette is metallic (hence the name). I’m also completely in love with the shiny, purple packaging. Yes, it’s bulky and slightly impractical, but it’s a collector’s piece if I ever saw one.

One Week One Palette - Urban Decay Heavy Metals Colors

Let’s talk about what’s going on inside the palette: pure beauty. I love that this palette has two distinct sections: neutral everyday shades on the right and fun, party colors on the left. The metallic shimmers here are a little on the chunky side, but they are vibrant and beautiful on the eye. There is fallout, so you may want to do your eyes first when using this palette, but I don’t mind a little fallout when the end result is so impressive.

Could the layout and packaging be a little more condensed? Absolutely. But do I love this palette? Without a doubt. I’m very happy I picked this one up to add to my collection, and I know I will be pulling for it time and again.

What was your most recent makeup purchase?

One Week One Palette featuring Too Faced PB&J and Urban Decay Heavy Metals