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Happy December! We’re in the home stretch to the end of 2017, and the holiday season has officially arrived. Since today is the first Wednesday of the month, I’m joining Anne in Residence and Catherine from A Short Blonde for the monthly Currently link up. Let’s see what’s happening in the month of December:


…lots of candles! This may sound pretty everyday and boring, but I actually had completely gotten out of the habit of lighting candles around the house. And at the same time, my candle collection kept growing thanks to people gifting them to me. Not only is lighting candles adding a nice atmosphere for the holiday season, but it’s also aiding in my decluttering efforts. I’m using up my candle stash!


…loads of money on gifts. I’m sure most people participating in Currently this month will say the same. As I’ve mentioned before, not only am I buying gifts for family and friends for Christmas, but my husband’s birthday is also this Friday. It’s been a gift buying avalanche over here for the past several weeks!


…to give myself a little space to relax. As I mentioned in my Monthly Goal Review, I was extremely overwhelmed and stressed by the end of November. I’m trying to spend a little more time giving myself a break and taking the pressure off for the rest of the year. Except for holiday preparations of course!


…NOT Christmas cards. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t send out holiday cards to my family and friends. But I just don’t have the motivation to put them together this year. Usually I’ll make a card with some fun pictures from important moments throughout our year – but this year really didn’t have any. I’m sure I’ll get things together again next year.


…the new Owl City! I’ve been a huge fan of Owl City for many years, and he’s recently started putting out some new songs that will be eventually released on a new CD next June. (Side note: isn’t that a long time from now? I can’t wait!). My favorite song thus far is “Fiji Water” which is about his start in the industry and his first big break. I can’t wait to hear what else is going to be released from this album in the near future.

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Your turn! What are you lighting, spending, choosing, sending or singing?

3 thoughts on “Currently | December 2017

  1. I don’t usually do Christmas cards, but I have a few I’m going to send out this year for friends that live in other states. I suppose if I had kids or something I might do them more often, but *shrug* oh well. I love candles! This is definitely the time of the year we light them a lot, but I could use some more.


  2. Lighting candles doesn’t sound boring to me at all – I love that cozy feeling, but I haven’t lit them in a couple of years, given the small child running around these parts… luckily I found some really quite realistic looking battery-operated candles, that light up every day on a timer 🙂

    Enjoy the holiday season – so good to go into this season choosing to give yourself some space to relax!

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