One Week One Palette | Weeks 29 & 30

Happy Tuesday, all! Welcome to another installment of my One Week One Palette series. This week we will be taking a look at two non-eyeshadow palettes that do two very different things. One has been in my collection for a while, while the other is a recent acquisition from a BoxyCharm box.

Week 29: Tarte Don’t Be Afraid to Dazzle Highlight and Contour Palette

One Week One Palette - Tarte Don't Be Afraid to Dazzle Highlight and Contour palette

This highlight and contour palette has been in my collection since last year. When I first received it, I really enjoyed both sides of the product – the highlight was beautiful and added just the right amount of shimmer and shine to the skin. Contour is often tough for me because my skin is so pale and if I’m not careful can look dirty and overdone on my cheeks.

While my first impressions last year of the contour side had initially been positive, as I used the contour more and more during this week, I liked it less and less. In recent times, I’ve been using Hoola by Benefit, and the color and formula on that bronzer works much better on my skin. In fact, by the end of the week with this palette, I was either abandoning the bronzer side for Hoola, or mixing both together.

The highlight side of this palette still remains one of my favorite highlighters in my makeup collection.

Week 30: The BrowGal Convertible Brow

One Week One Palette - The Brow Gal powder trio

I gave my first impressions on this product in my most disappointing BoxyCharm of all time post in May. Initially, I didn’t like it much. I believe this may have had more to do with the BrowGal brush I was using in combination with the powders than the powders themselves.

This week, my opinion of the Convertible Brow changed dramatically. I used the powder on the far left (for reference, I have light brown hair) and the brow brush I use with all other brow powders. This made all the difference in the application! The powders are pretty densely packed and have little to no fall out. When I’m doing my brows, I don’t want anything too pigmented or powdery. Control is key with brows.

I actually liked this enough after the week of dedicated use that I may replace my current brow powder with this one for a while. I love when a product works out better than I originally thought!

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How do you prefer to do your brows? Powders, pencils or pomades?

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