A Vegetarian at Disney World | Meal Highlights 2017 Edition

Our recent Disney World trip was full of amazing memories, and the food was certainly one of the highlights. In case you didn’t know, I’m a vegetarian and have been since the age of 16. Last time we went to Disney it was fun to document some of my favorite veggie meals, and I thought it would be helpful to do a follow-up post for the year 2017.

Let’s take a look at some of my favorite vegetarian meals from Disney World this year!

Beach Club Resort Meals

This year was the first time we stayed at the Beach Club, which is one of the deluxe Disney World hotels. It was beautiful there, and we hope to return next year to explore it more.

On our first day of arrival, our room wasn’t ready so we decided to find an on-property restaurant to have lunch, and we stumbled onto a place called Martha’s Vineyard. I was quite excited to see one of my favorite lunches of all time on the menu: a tomato mozzarella sandwich! This one was served with a side of delicious orzo salad which was the perfect compliment to the dish. It was perfectly filling and very tasty.

Vegetarian Disney Highlights 2017 - Beach Club Sandwich

There were quite a few other restaurants at the Beach Club that we didn’t get to (there are only so many meals in a day!), but we did take advantage of their quick service breakfast. The breakfasts all come with either sausage or bacon, which I obviously opted out of. The servers seemed very confused and concerned when I said I didn’t want any meat, so they gave me two waffles instead of one. But, I still got to enjoy the classic Disney Mickey waffle breakfast with eggs and hash browns!

Vegetarian Disney Highlights 2017 - Mickey Waffle Breakfast

Mama Melrose at Hollywood Studios

One of the meal options we love to take advantage of is the Fantasmic dinner package. Fantasmic is the nighttime show at Hollywood Studios, and when you book the package, you get lunch as well as early seating for the show. It’s a three course meal and if you’re using the dining plan, it still only uses one table service credit. I went with a flatbread as my appetizer, then the star of the show, the vegetable lasagna for lunch:

Vegetarian Disney Highlights 2017 - Mama Melrose Vegetable Lasaga

There’s also a penne vodka dish on the menu that I’ve eaten and loved before. It comes with prosciutto, but you can request for it to be made without.

For round three, they bring out three mini desserts presented as beautifully as they are delicious.

Vegetarian Disney Highlights 2017 - Mama Melrose Desert

Tony’s Town Square Restaurant at Magic Kingdom

Our tradition for the past few trips is to visit Magic Kingdom on our first day and have dinner at Tony’s Town Square inside the park that night. Each time we’ve gone, they end up having something different than the time before, and on this visit I was very pleased with my vegetarian selection. I got the goat cheese-filled ravioli with seasonal vegetables and sun-dried tomato-pesto cream. It was just as delicious as it sounded.

Vegetarian Disney Highlights 2017 - Tony's Goat Cheese Ravioli

Tokyo Dining at the Japan Pavilion in Epcot

Last but certainly not least is our trip to the Japan Pavilion and Tokyo Dining. They seem especially concerned about special dietary requirements here and even sent out the manager to discuss what would be okay for me to eat. This is the first time I’ve seen a vegetarian noodle dish on their menu, so I decided to try it.

Vegetarian Disney Highlights 2017 - Japan Pavillion

My selection this time was a vegetable udon soup. I love Japanese noodle soups (ramen, udon, soba, etc.) and I was happy they had a veggie option. I highly recommend eating at Tokyo Dining if you’re in Epcot. The staff is extremely friendly and accommodating, even more so than the other restaurants in the parks.

There were quite a few meals we didn’t get to have this year, due to having to leave early. Next year, we’re hoping to try Morimoto Asia at Disney Springs. We will also visit some new-to-us places at the Canada pavilion and Animal Kingdom.

If you’re a vegetarian, don’t be afraid of the selection at Disney World. They are always accommodating and the meals are memorable!

What’s your favorite food to eat while on vacation?

Vegetarian Meals in Tokyo | The Highlights

It can be tough to be a vegetarian while visiting Japan. The cuisine there is known to be chock full of meat and fish, and in general the vegetarian lifestyle is not widely recognized. I’ve written about my experiences specifically at the Tokyo Disney Resort where there is 1 restaurant in each of the parks with exactly 1 dish that is vegetarian.

The rest of Japan is even harder to navigate when it comes to food. However, despite this, I was able to have quite a few meals this time around that were pretty delicious and all vegetarian. Here are some of my vegetarian meal highlights:

Lunch at the AKB48 Cafe
The AKB48 cafe is a must visit for fans of the J-Pop group AKB48. For those not in the know, AKB48 is a wildly popular group in Japan consisting of 48 girls. The cafe is something akin to dining in a movie theater as the group’s live performances and music videos play on the big screen while you eat.

AKB48 Cafe

Aside from the fun ambiance, I was able to find an equally fun vegetarian dish to try out (after a quick check with the waitress to make sure it didn’t contain any meat or fish).

AKB48 Cafe - Spicy Pasta

As the drawing on the mozzarella indicates, this pasta was SPICY! In fact, it was the most spicy thing I had eaten in recent memory and that’s saying a lot for me. The sauce was delicious and the cheese was a nice touch. As a pasta lover, I was happy to find something like this to eat for lunch.

Breakfast Buffets

During our stay in Tokyo, we had the opportunity to dine at two separate breakfast buffets. The first was located at the Keio Plaza Hotel where we were staying and took place at Jurin All Day Dining. The restaurant was upscale and the all you can eat breakfast buffet was much nicer than your typical American buffet experience.

One of the stars of the buffet was the scrambled eggs. I don’t know what it is about the scrambled eggs in Japan, but they are extremely creamy and have a much more orange color to them than American eggs. At this buffet, they were served alongside ratatouille (delicious!). I also was able to get a side salad, potatoes and much more.

Jurin All Day Dining - Breakfast Buffet

Of course, if you’re not a vegetarian, there are plenty of unique options – like this squid and shrimp marinade. D was a fan!

Jurin All Day Dining - D's Squid and Shrimp Dish

The second buffet was at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel where we spent one night while exploring the Tokyo Disney Resort. This breakfast buffet was even more varied and fancy than the first with many dessert options offered as well. I also partook in a danish and a serving of mango pudding, which were very nice to round out the meal.

Rice Omelettes
Rice omelettes are always a dish I’m relieved to see on a menu whenever we’re visiting cafes. This trip I had two such occasions: one at Eorza Cafe (a Final Fantasy XIV themed cafe) and the second at Maidreamin (a maid cafe). Of course, when visiting Maidreamin, the waitresses draw cute pictures on your omelette with ketchup:

Maidreamin Rice Omelette

But the one at Eorza Cafe was more standard:

Eorza Cafe Rice Omelette

Either way, this is a tasty dish and is at least somewhat Japanese.

Duo Fourchettes
Another great find was Duo Fourchettes which was billed as a French/Italian restaurant, though I found that most of the items were decidedly Italian. This was one of my favorite meals from the trip, and yes it is another pasta dish. It was filling and tasty.

Duo Fourchettes Pasta


It may seem like my highlights here are ignoring the traditional Japanese cuisine, and it is true that most of the meals I ate were not Japanese. This is because it’s very difficult to find any foods in that category (it is difficult while in Japan – vegetarian Japanese food in America is not that rare) that do not contain meat, fish or some kind of meat or fish stock. As this is my third trip to the country, I’ve learned to stick with what I know I can eat and on the rare occasion I do find a Japanese option with no meat, I will give it a try.

D, on the other hand, ate up a very wide variety of Japanese foods including ramen, sushi, curry, takoyaki (fried octopus dumplings) and various types of fish.


Coming soon… Stay tuned for my vegetarian meal FAILS while in the country! That’s a fun post 🙂


Have you ever traveled to Japan?

What countries are on your wish list to visit?