Erin Condren Seasonal Surprise Box | Fall 2017

The fall Seasonal Surprise Box from Erin Condren has arrived! I feel like this is the most highly anticipated box since they launched – the planner community does love fall after all.

Erin Condren Seasonal Surprise Box Fall 2017

In case you’re unfamiliar, Erin Condren releases one of these boxes each quarter. The program started this year in January and always contains fun, seasonally themed products from the website.

Erin Condren Seasonal Surprise Box Fall 2017 - Contents

Let’s take a closer look at what was in this month’s fall box!

Erin Condren Seasonal Surprise Box Fall 2017 - Sticky Notes, Markers, Washi and Flair

StylizedSticky Notepad in Floating Florals

I remember seeing these on YouTube when the new life planners were announced earlier this year. I think this is a great idea since it’s the perfect size to stick onto the sidebar of your weekly planner spread. These would be perfect for pre-planning!

Flair Pin

I just never know what to do with flair pins. They’re not something I would want to wear or pin onto a bag, so they usually don’t do much for me.

Dual-Tip Markers

I like these markers, but they were already included in a past Surprise Box. The January box contained a six pack, so for my collection and many others, this is a dupe.

Paper Tape

…Otherwise known as washi tape! I know for sure that I will be incorporating some of this into my fall planner spreads. It’s very cute and very seasonal.

Erin Condren Seasonal Surprise Box Fall 2017 - Cards

3 Assorted Folded Cards

I’ve noticed that these Erin Condren boxes nearly always contain some of these folded notecards. Unlike the flair pins, I don’t mind seeing these in multiple boxes because they’re very useful to have on hand. You never know when you’re going to need a random card!

Erin Condren Seasonal Surprise Box Fall 2017 - Labels and Dashboard

Snap-in Dashboard

I really enjoy the Erin Condren dashboards and have several in my collection. I use them for random lists throughout the week or sometimes for meal planning. It’s fun to have a seasonal variety to add to my collection.

6 Variety Gift Labels

This is one product I’m not so excited about. These are usually included as freebies when you order a life planner and probably other products, and I have a whole stash of them that I never use. I just don’t end up reaching for them.

Erin Condren Seasonal Surprise Box Fall 2017 - Fall Cover

Metallic Fall Leaf Cover

Without fail, the planner covers and stickers are always the highlight of the box for me, and this one was no exception. I feel like this is the perfect representation of fall with the colors and metallic accents. I’ve already snapped this onto my everyday planner.

Erin Condren Seasonal Surprise Box Fall 2017 - Stickers

2 Seasonal Sticker Sheets

These are just perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving! This time of year always makes me want to jazz up my planner spreads with holiday-themed stickers. I love the colors and the theming on both of these. One thing though: it’s a little baffling why the stickers sold by Erin Condren herself are not made to specifically fit the life planner. Some of the boxes are too small, others too big and I’ve tried them on both the monthly spreads as well as the weeklies. I make them work, but it’s a little confusing.

In addition to all these products, a $10 coupon was included for use on a coiled book.

If you’re interested in checking out the next Seasonal Surprise box, make sure to keep an eye on the Erin Condren website for more information. I always have a lot of fun with this box!

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What do you think of the contents of the fall Seasonal Surprise box?

What’s your favorite thing about fall?

Monthly Goal Review | August & September

Can anyone truly believe that September is here? I can’t. Now that August is a wrap, it’s time to look back at the goals I set for myself for the month and see how I did. I also decided what I want to focus on for September and detailed it in my Erin Condren Life Planner. So, it’s time for my monthly goal review! Doing this helps keep me accountable and focused on the tasks at hand.

After a somewhat slow month of July as far as goals are concerned, I really got ambitious in August. And with a big vacation in September, my goals for the coming month are a little bit different.

So, how did I do on my monthly goals?

August 2017

Monthly Goal Review - August 2017

There were two categories this month where I hit every single goal I set: blogging and decluttering.

As for the others, I feel that I did a decent job. I hit all of my relationship goals except for one and all of my personal goals except for one (I can never seem to reach the two books in one month mark!). In the house category, I decided to postpone the necessary steps toward getting a treadmill. It was going to be more work than we could accomplish this month. Next month this gets picked back up again!

The biggest failure this month was the fitness category. I nearly hit my apple cider vinegar goal, but fell short by just a few days. The rest were just not going to happen.

In the end I’m happy with the progress I was able to make in most of my goals categories in August, and I know where my focus needs to be for September.

September 2017

Monthly Goal Review - September 2017

September is the month of our big Disney World vacation. I’ve been looking forward to this for a while. Life has been a bit crazy this year, and I feel like I’ve been running around on full adrenaline for too long. Thus, my main goal for September is to try to RELAX and find some stress free happiness. I’m really hoping this vacation will help me reset and that I’ll come back refreshed and ready to take on the world again.

Aside from my vacation goals to rest, relax, spend quality time with my husband and read, I’ve set some other small goals. Blogging is always an important topic for my goal lists, so I want to make sure I keep the blog schedule going strong through my vacation. I’ve pre-scheduled a bunch of posts ahead of time for this. I also want to continue doing some research on the ways my blog can benefit from Pinterest.

Lastly is the Miscellaneous category which includes taking steps toward buying a treadmill, getting back into fitness, catching up with a friend and organizing the office closet. I feel that all these goals are achievable in the month of September

All in all, I’m looking forward to the reset that vacation will bring me. I’m sure I’ll be ready to crush some goals when we get back!

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How did you do on your August goals?