Update as of January 2017 –

Lisa the Vegetarian is now Lisa 3D! A full update to the about page is coming soon.




Lisa the Vegetarian is a blog about the food, fitness and adventures of a vegetarian in a world full of meat eaters. I blog about the challenges and victories of being a vegetarian, as well as the many other things that make up my day to day life.

I’m a 33 year old software engineer living in a suburb of Boston. I live with my fiancee, and we’re getting married in June of 2016. We love to travel, and our engagement took place during the trip of a lifetime in Tokyo, Japan. Food and travel are two of my passions, and I write about them quite a bit on this blog. In 2015, I also fell in love with planning and organization, another two topics I cover here from time to time.

While food, fitness and vegetarianism are three topics you’ll find on Lisa the Vegetarian most frequently, I also write about:

  • Wedding planning
  • Home life
  • Organization
  • Planners and planning
  • Travel adventures
  • Favorites and beauty products
  • Food reviews
  • Subscription box reviews
  • Nerdy forays such as video gaming, horror conventions and (soon to come!) coding
  • …And the list goes on!

If you have any questions or things you want to see me write about, feel free to email me at lisathevegetarian@gmail.com.


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