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I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe that today is the first day of February! I personally love when January comes to an end because it’s a long, cold, depressing month. It’s only a matter of time now before we can start looking forward to spring. Today is also Thursday, and you know what that means – it’s time for Thinking Out Loud, hosted by Running with Spoons. I’m joining as usual to talk about some randomness from my week:

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Thinking Out Loud about Life

1. I’ve reached that point again where I need to reclaim some space on my phone. I find this happens every few months, and it’s quite annoying. I have an iPhone 6 that only has 16GB of space, and I also have quite a lot of pictures on there. I’ve been spending time lately going through all those pictures and making Shutterfly albums of as many as I can. It’s a process, but it also gives me some peace of mind to know that they’re backed up somewhere.

2. I’ve also been encountering the notorious iPhone battery problems since they released the new operating system. Everyone seems to be dealing with this, so at least it’s not just me. I’ve gone through and turned off all the settings that are supposed to help with this problem (background app refresh, etc.), but nothing seems to work. I’ve invested in extra chargers and USB cords and just try to keep my phone plugged in as much as possible.

3. Between the storage issues and the battery dwindling, it’s really making me think about upgrading to one of the newer phones. However, I just don’t want to pay the whopping price tag! I’m sure I’ll bite the bullet at some point, but for now I’m hanging in with my 6.

4. Speaking of electronics, we also have an iPad at the house that’s REALLY old. I think we got it around 5 or 6 years ago, but the battery on that thing can’t be beat. It lasts through a full week of regular use. Right now we have it mounted on our new treadmill so I can watch YouTube videos while walking. It makes the time go by so fast!

5. If you’re not already, join me on Instagram to follow along on my upcoming trip to Disney World! I’ll be posting quite a bit while we’re down there.

Thinking Out Loud about Blogging

6. This week on the blog, I introduced my second Pan That Palette project. This one is a powder palette, and it originally came in a BoxyCharm. Follow along with my progress here.

7. I also reviewed the January edition of Play! by Sephora which included a REALLY interesting product that I’m not sure I’ll touch again…

8. I have a lot of great content queued up over the next week including a palette review, a new concealer review, and a Disney favorites rundown. Stay tuned for all that!

Do you have any vacations planned for the year?

Where was the last place you traveled to?

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