Thinking Out Loud | A Blizzard and Broken Snow Plows

Happy Thinking Out Loud Thursday! Let’s jump right in for this week’s random thoughts:

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Thinking Out Loud - Aftermath of the Bomb Cyclone

Thinking Out Loud about Life

1. Last week in my Currently post, I mentioned the blizzard that was about to hit. Well hit it did, and it was huge! We got about a foot and a half of snow in a day’s time, and the wind was absolutely crazy. Luckily I got to work from home on Thursday and Friday while the storm was going on and then during the digging out process because – spoiler alert – it didn’t go well.

2. We had hired a plow guy for the season right before Christma,s and he was lined up to come either after the storm on Thursday night or first thing on Friday. Well, things kept getting more and more delayed.

3. And then when he was finally on the way, he got into a big car accident! The roads were extremely dangerous on Friday and apparently a car came flying around a corner and smashed into his plow blade. How crazy, right? He was fine, but his plow was completely damaged and unusable.

4. We obviously felt terrible that something like that had happened to him and the people in the other car. But that did leave us a little stranded with no way to clear our large driveway of a foot and a half of snow.

5. It took many, many phone calls, emails and desperate Facebook pleas before we were able to find someone with a plow to take the job, but around 8PM, we got plowed out.

6. And the temperature was hovering around 5 degrees by that point. The next few days got even colder.

7. So, this whole Thinking Out Loud has been dominated by the weather, but frankly, that’s what’s been dominating life since last week! The good news: we got back up into the 30s this week! It’s a heatwave!

Thinking Out Loud about Blogging

8. On Tuesday, I started a new series on the blog: Pan That Palette. Check out the intro post with all the details here.

9. I also discussed all the highs and lows of the December Play! by Sephora box.

10. This weekend stay tuned for a look at my 2018 new year’s resolutions!

Were you affected by last week’s storm?

How has the weather been for you?

Thinking Out Loud - Aftermath of the Bomb Cyclone

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