Thinking Out Loud – Holiday Recap of Chaos

Well, the holidays are over, and we’re here back in the grind of life. Today is another edition of Thinking Out Loud Thursday courtesy of Running with Spoons’ link up. I thought I’d discuss some randomness (and chaos) from the holiday week. Suffice it to say, a lot of unexpected things happened!

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Thinking Out Loud - Holiday Recap

Thinking Out Loud about The Holidays

1. The day before Christmas Eve I was hoping for a relaxing day where I could wrap up all my final Christmas to-dos. What I got however, was no hot water in the house. We had to call the oil company out to the house AGAIN to fix the issue, which AGAIN was caused by something they did wrong when they fixed the system last time.

2. D had also been sick the entire previous week and was still not feeling well up to and including the day of Christmas Eve. In my family, Christmas Eve is the big day for celebrations, even more so than Christmas Day. D was very sick and practically had no voice that day.

3. However, we still had a great time visiting my side of the family and opening presents with everyone. We started the day at my parents’ house, and then all of us went to my aunt’s to see the extended family.

4. Christmas Day, we awoke to a major snowstorm, and I awoke to a sore throat. It snowed heavily all morning into the afternoon, and we didn’t know if we were even going to make it out of the house to go see D’s family. Eventually it stopped and we decided to push through over the snow and ice to get to D’s mother’s house. I’m glad we did so because it was nice to see everyone and have another nice family dinner together.

Thinking Out Loud about Life

5. Luckily I think we found a reliable plow guy for the season! He had our driveway plowed by the time we got home on Christmas Day (and he was kind enough to come out that day despite the holiday). If things continue to work out with him, that will be a huge amount of stress off of my shoulders for the winter.

6. Unfortunately, I caught D’s cold and I caught it bad. I’m thankful I had the whole week after Christmas off from work anyway, but I was extremely sick and couldn’t do anything. I ended up having to go to the doctor on Thursday and found out I had bronchitis.

7. Thankfully, more than a week later I’m starting to feel better! We spent New Year’s Eve at home watching TV and eating Mexican takeout. Despite the fact that things didn’t go the best over the holidays, it was still nice to spend quality time with D and to get in some much needed rest.

Thinking Out Loud about Blogging

8. Did you catch my most recent BoxyCharm post? I ended up with a shattered item, but customer service was on it. Read more about it here.

9. Yesterday, I also checked in with the Currently link up to discuss what’s happening in January. And I also wrapped up my one year project One Week One Palette with a look back on the process!

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How’s the weather been where you are lately?

What did you do for the holidays?

Thinking Out Loud - Holiday Recap

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