Monthly Goal Review in My Erin Condren Life Planner | November & December

And so we’ve arrived at the last month of the year! I’m sure many of you agree with me that the year went by too quick, and it’s a little bit unbelievable that we find ourselves almost in 2018. As such, this is my last check-in of the year on my monthly goals. I’m taking a look back in my Erin Condren Life Planner to see how I did on my November goals and set some new goals for December. Let’s see how I ended up doing!

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P.S. I always mention in these goal recaps that I do all of my goal tracking in my Erin Condren Life Planner. It’s been my favorite planner for the past three years and I highly recommend grabbing one for yourself before the new year begins. New year, new planner!

November 2017 | Recap

Monthly Goal Review in my Erin Condren - November 2017

I knew going into November that a lot of my spare time would be eaten up by Thanksgiving prep. As a result, I kept the categories pretty light. Firstly, in the Blog category, I wanted to maintain my posting rate of twelve times per month, which I actually exceeded. I also researched Pinterest tribes, ended my October giveaway and started a new one for the month. Next, in the Home category, I kept things simple: continue decluttering on Ebay, donate some houseware to the Epilepsy foundation and continue my mission of zone cleaning the house. All accomplished!

Then of course I had a category specifically for T-Day. The hardest thing for me here was prepping my house! I wanted to clean everything on the first floor, which by far took the most time. Aside from that, I made sure we got a new turkey pan and planned out the menu. The Me category was the smallest of all: read one book and start using our newly acquired treadmill. Done and done.

I actually accomplished every goal I set in November, which is quite exciting. When I plan out my monthly goals, I don’t expect to hit them all, but it’s nice to see that actually happen once in a while.

December 2017 | Goals

Monthly Goal Review in my Erin Condren - December 2017

Firstly, how cute are these stickers I’m using from Paper and Glam and Oh Hello Stationery Co? I love both of those shops.

Leaving November, I felt overwhelmingly stressed. I felt like I spent the month running around like a crazy person and worrying about everything in between. Rather than overschedule myself for December, I decided to set some goals that would reduce stress and make me happier.

The only “all business” category here is the Blog category, where I again want to post twelve times, get back into blog commenting and finish up my giveaway. I also added a quick task to add social sharing buttons to my posts (which is already done as of yesterday!). Next in the Me category, I want to start using our treadmill even more consistently, read another book and catch up with at least one friend that I haven’t seen lately. I also have a ton of old CDs from about a decade ago with files on them. I would like to go through those and get rid of anything I no longer need. And lastly – get back into music by making some new playlists!

The Miscellaneous category has a little bit of everything. Of course I have to prep gifts for both the holidays and D’s birthday. I also want to round out our planning for the next Disney World trip we’re taking in February. Then I will be setting some new year’s resolutions and continuing to declutter!

I think these goals are achievable, and if I succeed here, my ultimate goal is to start off the new year happier and more organized. I’m ready to make the home stretch of this year count!

Did you set any goals for the month of December?

How are you doing on last year’s resolutions?

Monthly Goal Review in my Erin Condren Life Planner - November and December

One thought on “Monthly Goal Review in My Erin Condren Life Planner | November & December

  1. Great job on accomplishing all of your November goals! I really want to enjoy this month and not get too stressed out about things. I’m also hoping to eat as healthy as I can and keep as active as I can, since I know this month will be full of sweets and other reasons to not keep on track!!


    p.s. I’m co-hosting a planner hop if you want to come link this up over there!

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