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Well here we are: October is upon us and fall is in full swing. As today is the first Wednesday of the month, it’s time for the monthly Currently link-up! This month Anne in Residence is hosting with Dana from Something Good. I love this link-up because it gives me a chance to think through some of the things happening during the month and also to see what everyone else is up to!

Here’s what’s currently happening in the month of October:


…my planner for Halloween! I’ve already planned out my planner spreads for nearly the entire month of October, and each one is Halloween themed. I was surprised to find that my planner sticker collection was still overflowing with seasonal options, and that I didn’t even need to buy any new ones for the fall. I’m happy I’m getting to use what I’ve collected and also excited to have some Halloween atmosphere in my planner for all the weeks of the month. If you want to keep up with my planner inspiration, follow me on Instagram!

Currently October 2017 - Styling my planner for Halloween


…money for house projects. We just purchased our new stove, and I have a few other large purchases in mind to make before the year is out. I’ve been trying to get moving on buying a treadmill for the house, which I think will be a game changer for my fitness routine. Also, I’m hoping to get a high quality new printer for some projects I have coming up. Not to mention, I think 2018 will be the year we begin replacing all the windows in the house. The ones we have now are a bit drafty and could use an upgrade. All these projects require some budgeting and saving!


…for new Pinterest accounts to follow! I’ve recently been getting much more into Pinterest and would love to find more accounts that focus on beauty and planners. If you have a Pinterest like this, let me know and I will follow you! You can also follow me @thelisa3d if you’re interested in the same topics.


…movies for our Hallloween horror marathon. My husband and I are huge fans of both Halloween and horror movies. Ever since we got together, we dedicate the month of October to a Halloween horror marathon. We watch as many horror movies as we can, and I always keep track so we can look back from year to year to see what we watched. It’s such a fun tradition, and we’ve already begun this year!


…goals for the rest of the year. Now that we’re beginning the last quarter of the year, it’s time for one last push toward all the goals I wanted to achieve during 2017. I went ahead and made my list of October goals in my planner, and I’m hoping to make it a productive and fun month. I like to do this every month, but am especially focusing on this now as we’re approaching the end of the year.

Your turn! What are you currently styling, saving, searching, picking or making?

3 thoughts on “Currently | October 2017

  1. Well that’s a fun thing to be styling! I can’t resist fun stickers 🙂 And saving for windows is no fun (I’d way rather be getting some cute decor stuff!), but hopefully worth it – we’ve got a lot of that window replacing in our future too.

  2. I’ve had my October planner decked out for months now. I loved decorating with all the fun Halloween things. I’m trying to start buying Christmas gifts – I haven’t started yet, but I’m thinking of ideas, etc.

    Ooh love that you and your husband watch all the scary movies in October. I’m having friends over Saturday for a movie night!


  3. Love the weekly spread you shared! My weeklies have been all ink lately because I’ve been really scatterbrained and not decorating. I think it’s time to bust out my stickers again!

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