Monthly Goal Review in my Erin Condren | July & August

It’s always kind of fun when the month changes over to take a look back at how I did on my previous month’s goals. I take the opportunity at the end of each month to do so as well as look ahead at the following month to think about where I want to spend my energy. Today on the blog, let’s take a look both ahead and backward in my monthly goal review!

In case you haven’t read one of my monthly goal reviews before, I keep track of these in my Erin Condren Life Planner. I’m still using the 2017 version of the planner, so I have the old style note pages at the beginning of each month. In the 2018 editions, the note pages have been redesigned. I’m looking forward to playing with those when the year turns over. (If you want to see the new version, check out my review here!)

July 2017

Monthly Goal Review in my Erin Condren | July Spread

For the month of July, I decided to scale back a little bit and give myself something of a break. I had been setting aggressive goals each month and not following through as much as I wanted. July was going to allow me to take a step back and reset.

As a result, I only had two categories of goals: Blog and Me. Simple, right? Even though it might not seem like much, this proves that there is still value in the act of setting goals, even if they’re not big enough to take over the world. Sitting down and thinking through your intentions for the month is incredibly beneficial. Sometimes you’ll decide that you need to scale back like I did this month, and sometimes you’ll find an area of your life where you need to spend more time.

I did hit the majority of these small goals for July. Everything under the blog category was completed and the majority of the “Me” goals were also done.

After giving myself this semi-break in July, I was really ready to do some damage in August!

August 2017

Monthly Goal Review in my Erin Condren | August Spread

As you can see, August is quite a bit more ambitious with 6 different categories of goals to work on: Blog, Fitness, Relationships, Personal, House and Declutter. These categories are the ones I most frequently go to (with some variation) because they’re in line with my yearly goals that I set in January. These are also the areas in life where I feel I needed to spend extra energy this month. Not only that, but in order to make my monthly goal list, the category also has to be something I feel I WANT to work on for that period of time. If I set a goal that I don’t have the desire to work on, I will surely abandon it.

In the blogging category, my goals mostly consist of posting and commenting consistently, as well as finishing up my current giveaway (check it out – it ends Tuesday!) and adding a new feature. I’m still trying to get back on track with my fitness, so the fitness category includes some small but achievable goals.

August includes a lot of events such as family birthdays and the baby shower of one of my friends. Prepping for these as well as catching up with another friend and having a date night with D make up the Relationships goals. For personal, I want to catch up on my reading, shop for new clothes (I’ve already started this one!) and finish backing up my old computer.

Lastly are the House and Declutter lists which go hand in hand. We’re trying to make room to buy a treadmill, so some furniture must be sold. I also want to work on better storage for my handbags to keep them nicer longer. And of course I want to sell lots of junk and declutter, declutter, declutter!

What are you planning to work on for the month of August?

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