BoxyCharm Review – The ‘Am I Disillusioned’ Edition

As you know if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, I’m usually a huge fan of BoxyCharm. However, when I saw the spoilers for this month’s box, I found myself underwhelmed by the products that were going to be included. Each one of the brands has been included in previous boxes and nothing was overly exciting.

BoxyCharm May 2017 - Contents

Let’s take a look at what was in the box:

BoxyCharm May 2017 - Makeup Is Art

IBY Beauty Highlight & Contour Palette

BoxyCharm May 2017 - IBY Beauty Palette

IBY Beauty has been included in BoxyCharm in the past, and their last item was an eyeshadow trio that I really loved. This month’s box could have either included this palette or a cream contour palette, and as usual, the outpouring from nearly everyone online was that they did not want the cream. Neither did I, so I was happy to see the powder version in my box.

However, the highlighters in this palette seem to be more like flat powders. There is no shimmer or glow to them and they really were not light enough for my skin tone. I did not have much better luck with the row of bronzers, which didn’t do much for my skin.

The BrowGal Brow Brush and Convertible Brow

BoxyCharm May 2017 - Brow Gal

Because I love both subscription boxes and reviews, I watch a lot of BoxyCharm reviews on YouTube. If there was one product that was universally hated in past BoxyCharms, it was the BrowGal brow gel. Every single person I saw review the product hated it so much, they immediately decluttered it and went on a rant of some kind. This is why I was surprised to see more products from this brand included in this month’s box.

Both the brush and powder palette were okay, but not something I see myself reaching for often. I have another brow brush and powder palette that I’m working through and the results I see with that combo are worlds better.

Temptu Liquid Glow

BoxyCharm May 2017 - Temptu

The story is the same with Temptu. A few months back, they included a liquid bronzer that everyone complained about. Was it workable? Sure. This is workable as well, but I really don’t like liquid face products, whether it be highlight, blush or bronzer. Also, it takes such a tiny amount for each application, I don’t see ever being able to work through something of this size.

Crown Pro Round Contour Brush

BoxyCharm May 2017 - Crown Brush

This brush was probably the best item in the box. It was soft and just dense enough to make your makeup look smooth. I also enjoyed that this brush wasn’t overly large so you could use it for contouring if you wanted to.

Overall, I think this was one of my least favorite BoxyCharms to date. I’m hoping to see more variety of brands in the box in the future as well as some signs that the company is listening to the feedback from its customers. Why continue to include products and brands that continually get bad feedback? For now, I will continue to stay subscribed, because I know that when BoxyCharm is good, it’s really good. Let’s see what next month will bring.

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What do you think about this month’s BoxyCharm?

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